Price List

Guinot Facial Treatments


The Star Treatment
An advanced professional skincare treatment offering immediate and lasting results. This rejuvenating facial treatment is suitable for all skin types and will deep cleanse and regenerate the skin leaving you with a radiant complexion.

  • 1 hour 15 minutes £57.00 500pts

Hydradermie Age Logic

The Anti-Ageing Star Treatment
A deluxe treatment incorporating the Hydradermie facial as well as added specific firming and toning serums for the face, eyes, neck and décolleté area. Whilst your mask is on you will receive a luxurious hand and arm massage leaving you and your skin feeling relaxed and revitalised.

  • 1 hour 15 minutes £69.50 600pts

Hydradermie Lift Express

The Express Lifting Treatment
Providing quick results, this sophisticated facial treats both the skin and facial muscles and includes cleansing, exfoliation and muscle stimulation to firm and define the facial contour and boost radiance providing an immediate lifting effect.

  • 30 minutes £48.50 400pts
  • Course of eight (two per week) £335.00

Hydradermie Lift

The Instant Lifting Treatment
A luxurious facial which includes the Hydradermie Lift Express plus a deeply relaxing massage using extra firming collagen serums and cream, followed by a customised mask to further enhance the lifting effect.

  • 1 hour 15 minutes £67.50 600pts

Hydradermie Lift Deluxe

The Ultimate Lifting Treatment
The ultimate luxurious facial offering a combination of the Hydradermie Age Logic and the Hydradermie Lift, providing deep cleansing, rejuvenating, firming and lifting results, leaving your skin completely luminous and revitalised.

  • 1 hour 45 minutes £85.00 1000pts
  • Course of three £234.50

Hydradermie Eye Logic

The Instant Eye Repair Treatment
A unique treatment which treats signs of ageing and tiredness around the delicate eye area, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Using an expert combination of machine technology, a specific hands-on massage and a specially designed eye mask, the eye area will be left looking firmed and toned with fine lines smoothed to restore a relaxed and rejuvenated look.

  • 45 minutes £49.00 400pts


The Deep Cleansing Facial
Designed to deeply cleanse the skin, this treatment uses the Thermoclean patented heated device to rid the skin of its impurities, whilst also warming and relaxing the skin. Followed by a relaxing massage and customised mask, the skin will be left instantly brighter and clearer, with a radiant complexion.

  • 45 minutes £38.00 400pts
  • Course of three £104.50

Age Summum

The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Treatment
The pinnacle of Anti-Ageing treatments, this facial uses pure vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Collagen to target signs of Ageing. Active ingredients are penetrated deep into the skin, giving immediate results, to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and restore the skins youthful radiance.

  • 1 hour £71.00 600pts


The Relaxation Treatment
A deeply relaxing and luxurious, holistic, aromatherapy based treatment which is powered by essential oils and uses carefully selected plant concentrates to bring natural beauty to your skin. Combining the benefits of essential oils with a relaxing massage and the Aromatic mask, this facial is customised to your skin type and will restore your skins natural radiance.

  • 1 hour £47.50 400pts
  • Course of three £131.10

Hydra Peeling

The Skin renewal treatment
Guinot have developed a unique alternative to aesthetic medicine HYDRA PEELING.
This treatment is available in two different variations that will be determined based on the clients beauty goal and level of skin sensitivity

  • 45 minutes £55.00 500pts
  • Course of three* (one per week) £151.50


The Firming & Lifting Treatment
This unique thermal facial gives immediate results in improving the skins firmness and relieving fatigue, and aims to energise, tone and firm using Vitamin C to brighten the skin. While you relax it smoothes away fine lines and leaves you with a luminous glow.

  • 1 hour £52.50 500pts
  • Course of three £145.00 1500pts

The Beauty Spot Express Facial

Our own prescriptive facial is designed as an express 30 minute treatment to brighten and hydrate the skin or alternatively can be used as an introduction to facials. The treatment encompasses cleanse, tone, exfoliation of the skin, followed by a mini massage and express mask. Treatment is finished with a light moisturiser.

  • 30 minutes £28.50 500pts

The Beauty Spot Extended Facial

Our extended facial is designed as the next step on from our express facial. Cleanse, tone, exfoliation of the skin, followed by a face,neck and shoulder massage using hydrating rose oil. Followed by an express mask and prescriptive moisturiser.

  • 45 minutes £40.00 500pts

Enhanced Eyes

Eyebrow Shape / Wax

Eyebrow Shape / Wax

  • 15 minutes £9.50

Eyebrow Tint

Add colour to your eyebrows to enhance the eye appearance by defining and emphasising the eyebrows. Lasts between 4 to 6 weeks.

  • 15 minutes £9.00

Eyelash Tint

Add colour to your eyelashes to enhance they eye appearance by defining and emphasising the eyebrows. Lasts between 4 to 6 weeks.

  • 30 minutes £16.00

LVL Enhance

(Including Eyelash Tint)
LVL Enhance - straightens your natural lashes at the root, creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. Plus the added lash tint creates a mascara-style effect, so no need for mascara!

  • LVL Enhance £42.50 400pts

Ultimate LVL Lashes

Ultimate lvl lashes- you will receive the lvl lash enhancement as well as a brow tint and wax to complete the whole look.

  • Ultimate LVL Lashes £49.50 600pts

HD Brows

HD Brows Brows designed to your unique shape using a combination of High Definition hair removal techniques including waxing, threading, tweezing and trimming – all to create the perfect brow shape.Finally your brows will be perfected using our make up collection along with a mini make up lesson to help you maintain and make the most of your brows between appointments.

  • HD Brows £29.50 400pts

Top Up

Following individual lashes we recommend a top up every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking Full.

  • Top Up £30.00 400pts

Nouveau Lashes

Nouveau individual lash extensions are professionally applied, one at a time, onto your own lashes by our fully trained technicians - without overloading your natural lashes or causing damage.

Nouveau lash extensions give you the appearance of fuller, thicker, longer looking lashes.

  • Nouveau Lashes £55.00 500pts

Nail, Hand And Footcare

Jessica Prescriptive Manicure

A treatment manicure where the hands are exfoliated, cuticles are cared for with oils and creams, the nail shape is perfected and a treatment basecoat and colour are applied for the perfect finish.

  • 45 minutes £29.50 400pts
  • Buy 6 get 7th free £177.00

Jessica Prescriptive Manicure Deluxe

The Jessica Prescriptive Manicure together with thermal mittens for deeper penetration of oils and creams, to soften cuticles, improve circulation and soothe stiff joints. A treatment basecoat and colour are applied for the perfect finish.

  • 1 hour £33.00 400pts

Zenspa Pedicure

A foot and nail treatment using Jessica Zenspa products. Feet are exfoliated and a relaxing massage leaves feet softer and smoother. Cuticles are cared for with oils and cream. Nails are cut and shaped and a treatment basecoat and colour are applied for the perfect finish.

  • 1 hour £32.50 400pts
  • Buy 6 get 7th free £195.00

Zenspa Pedicure Deluxe

An ultra luxurious, more in depth foot and nail treatment using Jessica Zenspa products. This relaxing pedicure includes the whole Zenspa pedicure with the addition of heated booties, to aid deeper penetration of the oils and creams. More time is allowed for a more thorough and in depth treatment, paying particular attention to detail. To finish, the nails are cut and shaped and a treatment basecoat and colour are applied. A complete foot and nail treatment resulting in ultra smooth feet and perfectly finished cuticles and nails.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes £35.00 400pts

Jessica File and Polish on Fingers/Toes

Jessica File and Polish on Fingers/Toes

  • 30 minutes £16.00 400pts

Holistic Therapies and Massage

Swedish Full Body Massage

An invigorating and soothing massage using grapeseed oil to alleviate muscular aches and pains and relieve stress and tensions from the whole body.

  • 1 hour £42.00 400pts

Swedish Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage

A relaxing massage using aromatic oil to alleviate muscular aches and pains and relieve stress and tension from the neck, back and shoulders.

  • 30 mins £26.50 400pts

A Hawaiian Mineral Hot Stone Spa Journey

This Spa find massage journey nourishes, heals, nurtures and balances. Using blessed hot mineral stones from Hawaii, this deeply relaxing and tension relieving massage makes you feel cradled and protected due to the warmth of the stones and leaves you with complete peace of mind.

  • Full Body Treatment - 1 hour 30 mins £62.00
  • Back Treatment - 45 mins £37.00 400pts

Indian Head Massage

An uplifting and relaxing massage to create a deep sense of relaxation. This massage on the head, neck, shoulders and face relieves stress and tension to promote a feeling of well-being.

  • 1 hour £37.50 400pts


A relaxing foot massage to re-balance the whole body. The firm pressures on the reflex point of the feet are worked on to relieve blockages in the body’s natural system, allowing the body to heal naturally.

  • 1 hour £36.00 400pts

Hopi Ear Candles

A gentle noninvasive treatment considered a classic clearance therapy. As well as inducing relaxation it can relieve problems relating to the ears and head area.

  • 45 mins £35.00 400pts

Aromatherapy Associates Massage and Body Treatments

We Relax

With its centering and grounding techniques, this treatment will bring a sense of calm and serenity. Perfect for day or evening, depending on which Relax blend you choose, Deep or Light Relax

  • 60 minutes £50.00 600pts

We Do-Stress

Designed with deeply releasing massage techniques that focus on your back, legs, scalp, neck and shoulders, this treatment will clear an overactive mind and relieve physical aches according to the blend you choose De-Stress Mind or De-Stress Muscle

  • 60 minutes £50.00 600pts

We Revive

Feel your physical and emotional energy returning with this revitalising treatment, choosing from Revive Morning or Evening blends. Backs, legs, neck and shoulders benefit from energising massage, while gentle, nurturing face and abdomen techniques will regulate digestive and hormonal fluctuations

  • 60 minutes £50.00 600pts

We Inner Strength

Choose this treatment using our Inner Strength blend when you need to rebuild the healing and re-balancing powers of your body and spirit. With supportive techniques used on the back, face, neck and shoulders; nurturing abdominal work, and movements to open the foot reflexes, you will feel physically soothed and emotionally more resilient.

  • 60 minutes £50.00 600pts

The Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience

With your chosen oil, your therapist will use carefully applied pressure to stimulate the nervous system, Swedish and neuromuscular techniquest to relieve muscular tension and lymphatic drainage to encourage health circulation. It may be taken as a 60 minute or 90 minute massage ritual. In the longer treatment, extra is given to the facial massage.

This treatment releases tension held in every part of your body leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and recharged.

  • 60 minutes £50.00 600pts
  • 90 minutes £75.00 1000pts

Rose Hydrator Wrap

Bring back your radiance with this comforting, restorative treatment.

Precious essential oil of damask rose works on capillary circulation renewing the skin whilst the aroma has an expansive quality that soothes the emotions and nurtures the heart. The treatment begins with a gentle olive grain exfoliation. Nourishing oils are applied to cuticles and heels and then the body is layered in a hydrating and regenerating rose gel.

A moisturising and softening mix of oil and cream with evening primrose oil and shea butter is smoothed on before being left to penetrate with the body's own heat under a wrap. An Ayurvedic scalp massage with frankincense inhalation works simultaneously on the physical, mental and emotional aspects.

This treatment leaves your skin radiant, soft and smooth and your spirits bright and uplifted.

  • 60 minutes £55.00 600pts

Intensive Muscle Release

An Intense massage that works deep into stiff. tight, aching muscles to instantly release pain and tension

  • 60 Minustes £45.00 400pts

Pampering Packages

Spring Pamper Package No1

Free St. Tropez full body Tan with LVL or Nouveau Lashes and HD brows.

  • LVL Enhance, HD Brows & St. Tropez full body Spray tan (Should be £92.00) £67.00
  • Nouveau Lashes, HD Brows & St. Tropez full body Spray tan (Should be £97.00) £72.00

Spring Pamper Package No2

Free St. Tropez full body Tan with Gel Overlay on Fingers & Toes.
*Student ONLY - Show Student Card*

  • Should be £73.00 £45.00
  • Add make-up for an extra £15.00 £60.00

Spring Pamper package No3

Prom Make-up and Spray Tan.
*Student ONLY - Show Student Card*

  • Should be £40.00 £30.00

Pure pamper package

A half day of lavish treatments including the following:
Aromatic Facial, Swedish neck, back and shoulder massage, Jessica Prescriptive Manicure and a Zenspa pedicure

  • 3 hours 15 minutes £130.50 3000pts

Top To Toe Package

A full day of lavish treatments including the following plus a light lunch:
Aromatic Facial, Swedish Full Body Massage, Jessica Prescriptive Manicure, Zenspa Pedicure, Eyelash Tint and an Eyebrow Shape.

  • 5 hours 30 minutes (including lunch) £163.75 4000pts




  • Full Leg Wax £25.00 400pts
  • Full Leg Wax and Bikini Line £35.00 400pts
  • Full Leg Wax and Brazilian Wax £45.00 500pts
  • 3/4 Leg Wax £23.00
  • 1/2 Leg Wax £20.00
  • Full Arm Wax £20.00
  • Forearm Wax £15.00
  • Under Arm Wax £12.50
  • Chin Wax £7.75
  • Lip Wax £7.75

Bikini Line Wax

Bikini Line Wax

  • Bikini Wax (just above your underwear) £14.00
  • Extended Bikini Line Wax (optional strip wax or hot wax) £18.00
  • Brazilian Wax (Strip of hair left on top, waxed underneath using hot wax) £25.00 400pts
  • Hollywood Wax (Total hair removal - using hot wax) £29.50 400pts
  • Back / Chest Wax......400 treat card points £25.00


St Tropez Ultimate Air Spray Tan

St Tropez Ultimate Air is the newest in-salon spray tanning system in which your body is sprayed with a fine atomised St Tropez mist. The application is quick, safe and gives you a natural looking tan which lasts for five to ten days.

  • Full Body £25.00 400pts
  • Buy 5 get 6th free £125.00
  • Legs £17.50
  • Upper Body (Arms, face, top of chest and back) £17.50



Progressive permanent hair removal using the Sylvia Lewis method. An initial consultation is required, this can be carried out free of charge upon request

  • 10 minutes (minimum charge - £15) £15.00
  • 15 minutes (minimum charge - £17 £17.50
  • 30 minutes (minimum charge £22) £32.50

Mens Treatments

Express Mens Facial

Cleanse, Tone, exfoliate, mask, massage, moisturise

  • 30mins £27.50 400pts

Mens Manicure or Pedicure

A treatment manicure where the hands are exfoliated, cuticles are cared for with oils and creams, the nail shaped and hand massaged

  • 40 Minutes £27.50 400pts

Aromatherapy Back and Neck massage

A relaxing massage using aromatic oil to alleviate muscular aches and pains and relieve stress and tension from the neck, back and shoulders.

  • 30 Mins £27.50 400pts



  • Back / Chest Wax £25.00
  • Eyebrow shape and wax £10.00

HD Brows

HD Brows Brows designed to your unique shape using a combination of High Definition hair removal techniques including waxing, threading, tweezing and trimming – all to create the perfect brow shape.

  • 45 mins £27.00

Make-up Services

Free Make-up Consultation

15 minute consultation - including product advice on our in salon brand Delilah. Booking this service also provides you with 10% off any products purchased on the day

  • 15mins £0.00

Make-up Tutorial

Colour matching, advice on products and tutorial on application of make-up. The cost of this tutorial is fully redeemable against the cost of any Delilah products purchased on the day

  • 30 mins £15.00

Botox & Dermal Fillers


Wrinkle relaxing injections used to minimise the appearance of line and wrinkles

  • 1 Area £180.00
  • 2 Areas £210.00
  • 3 Areas £240.00
  • Additional Areas £40.00
  • Hyperhidrosis £440.00
  • Free 30 Minute Consultation £0.00

Dermal Fillers

Add volume to specific areas. We use a calcium-based filler called Radiesse. All fillers used are FDA approved

  • Nasolabial Folds £240.00
  • Marionette Lines £240.00
  • Cheek Enhancement £280.00
  • Tear Trough £280.00
  • Lip Enhancement 0.5ml £170.00
  • Lip Enhancement 1ml £240.00
  • Free 30 Minute Consultation £0.00

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel

Refresh, renew and rejuvenate the skin and minimise the appearance of fine lines, mild scarring, areas of pigmentation and sun damaged skin

We use medical grade peels from the Dermaceutics and Circadia ranges. We will also advise you on which skin care treatments will help optimise your peel treatment

  • Glycolic Peel £60.00
  • TCA 15 & 18% £80.00
  • Cosmo Peel Forte 30% TCA (1st Peel - Including a Post Treatment Cream) £180.00
  • Cosmo Peel Forte 30% TCA (2nd Peel) £150.00
  • Circadia Acne Treatment (Salicylic Peel Plus Homecare System) £150.00

Medical Micro-Needling

Medical Micro Needling

Micro needles are used to cause controlled scarring to the skin so stimulating the body's natural healing response triggering the production of collagen and elastin

  • 1 Treatment £160.00
  • Course of 3 £480.00

Skin Tightening & Boosters

Profhilo - Skin Tightening Treatment

An innovative treatment aimed at restoring skin hydration, elasticity and tone
For optimum results 2 treatments are needed, 4 weeks apart

Profhilo can be used to treat the face, neck and body.

  • One treatment (2mls) £250.00

Skin Boosters

Hyaluronic acid gel is used to deliver deep, penetrating hydration to the skin. Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
A course of 3 treatments 3 to 4 weeks apart is recommended

  • One treatment (2mls) £280.00